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Basing the project on the notion of the metaphorical screen, I study the screen role as a transit towards the subconscious. A metaphor allows association, it allows what therapists call projection and identification: the importance of remembering.
The notion of plasticity of the brain introduces a new parameter in neurosciences, with the idea that our brain is an organic material where time can be read and admitted in synapses: our brain can memorize, but what interests me here is the organic plasticity, the biological capacity of matter, of the genomes to interact with their environment and to keep in their very cells the memory of stress and trauma.

From a psychic point of view, the idea of “self-being”, “existing” is fundamental, therapists use memories as a fundamental actor of psychoanalytic work: it allows them to have the feeling of the “right of existence”. When Freud introduces the notion of “screen-memories”, he points the fact that the act of remembering and reconstructing memories can be used as a therapeutic tool.

This project has been selected Planetree design award - about Mental Health 2021 - Design Academy Eindhoven