Born and growing up in Paris, Valentine is currently  living and working between Paris and Amsterdam Defined as a social-light-designer, her master in Social Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven invites her to develop a practice questioning the transdisciplinarity research that explores issues around care and health, a scientific approach related to well-being focusing on insomnia problem, light deregulation and technology dependence, distinguished by the nomination of the Planetree design Award about mental health 2021, Design Academy Eindhoven.
She aims to create a relationship with our biological clock through the lens of the objects of our daily routine such as curtains, clocks, screens, to induce a perception of time in harmony with our biological system in our everyday life.
Her practice is based on chronobiologies theories, experimental psychology and she looks at objects from an anthropological perspective. For her graduation, she draws psychological research on
the screen role for sleep transition.